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Tecnolegno does not stop

Dear All,
in these days of difficulties and strong preoccupation, due to the sanitary emergency condition known to all of us, which involves a big part of mankind, as said we are very preoccupied but we do not stop, with due respect for Health and Legislative indications, we inform you that the working life of Tecnolegno Allestimenti S.p.A., Tecnolegno Bespoke Furniture S.r.l., carries on and will proceed without any interruption.

We decided to adopt extraordinary measures in terms of security and hygen to grant the state of health to our collaborators, to our partners and to our clients with whom we are in contact in this particular and difficult historical moment.

Tecnolegno Allestimenti S.p.A., Tecnolegno Bespoke Furniture S.r.l., we don’t stop, conscious of the passion, professionality, dedition of all our collaborators and partners, together with the trust of our customers, which in this our Company life path have let us to reach and exceed all set objectives, tackling the problems of everyday life and the long life of the company without ever falling behind, today we are all facing a rare event, unique, extraordinary, which made us even more tenacious and compact.

Italy is an extraordinary place and a unique country where, genius and creativity, innovation and progress, culture and poetry, design and fashion, hospitality and great food, tolerance, altruism and knowing how to be together, history and future, they merge.

We are a Nation and unique people, envied for our uniqueness. We will roll up our sleeves as usual, the manifestations of solidarity, the tenacity that has always distinguished our people in times of criticality, is increasing, the willpower of Italian people and that of the companies begins to take shape, to take charge of the enormous need to be there, Tecnolegno Allestimenti S.p.A. e Tecnolegno Bespoke Furniture S.r.l. will be there, we will do our part, we will sustain what is in our possibilities and we will not step back, keeping working at 100% meeting the commitments made and carrying on the values in which we believe and on which our Nation is founded.

We will use the means that today the technology offers us to operate and to communicate, to form and to inform, with all every means available to face and defeat this particular historical moment, taking advantage of the experience that is being lived, certainly coming out strong and cohesive, wishing to all of you a better future.

Best Wishes
Claudio Radice, Giovanni Vita, Franco Radice