Values, tradition and more
During the years we have been committed to socio-cultural initiatives and we have put our know-how and our dedication at the service of socially useful projects and humanitarian activities.

Mario Nava and Charity in Congo

The fortunate meeting between Mario Nava, the founder of Tecnolegno, and Father Emilio Ratti, a Franciscan missionary doctor, took place in Africa at the beginning of the 90s.

This important event was pivotal point in Mr Nava and his family’s life. He was directly involved in supporting some humanitarian missions in Congo, providing healthcare and educational assistance in villages that were deprived of any structure.

Father Ratti, thanks to his strong temperament and willing, with the contribution of some laic volunteers and missionary nuns, created an important medical unit in Luhwinjia. One of the wards was dedicated to Silvia Nava, Mr Nava’s daughter who died prematurely.

His sun Gianfranco, who went to Congo to directly help Father Ratti to develop the primary building structures, inherited from his father the same interest and inclination for humanitarian initiatives.

Thanks to his organizational skill, acquired within Tecnolegno, Gianfranco was able to set up the electric cabling necessary for the hospital, and along with Father Mario, he made sure that the essential materials to build the hospital and the school were supplied.

Discretion and humbleness are the primary traits of all the volunteering and charitable initiatives of the Nava family; such values are still an inspirational model for Tecnolegno.

Grande Museo del Duomo – Restoration of a Masterpiece

The visitors of the Grande Museo del Duomo can now admire the great statue of “Maria Maddalena trasportata dagli angeli”, a masterpiece of Angelo Marini called “il Siciliano” which now, thanks to a restoration started in June 2014, is acquiring its original magnificence.

Tecnolegno has decided to take care of this masterpiece sponsoring its restoration and manufacturing a transparent box, built around the statue, in order to allow the visitors to witness in person the renewal intervention.

The masterpiece, which is of the XVI century, has an historical value among the sculptural production of that age.

It was originally place in the “Duomo”, but it was removed during the Second World War bombarding, and safely stored in the deposits of the “Veneranda Fabbrica”. Finally in 1953 it was moved to the “Grande Museo del Duomo”.

Marini’s statue shows clear signs of deterioration due to the centuries and environment factors.

Thanks to this restoration the statue will recover its original splendour while the visitors will be able to watch the different faces of this crucial intervention.

2nove9 bikers care

Tecnolegno supports 2NOVE9BIKERS CARE, a non-profit association which provides free medical and legal assistance to road accident victims and their families.

It also takes care of reporting dangerous roads to the autorities, making them safe.

The name “2NOVE9BIKERS CARE” recalls the maximum speed of a Kawasaki Zx10 (limited to 299km/h); a good biker not only is able to ride fast, but above all knows how to brake and speed down.

School agreements

Tecnolegno supports the new generations, their talent and creativity; for this reason it has built a partnership with the Meroni Institute in Lissone and the De Nicola Institute in Sesto San Giovanni.

Reaching out to young people with activities and professionalisms, is the access key to their future. Tecnolegno provides scholarships, work contracts and extraordinary opportunities, such as the realization and exposition at the Milan Design Week of the best pieces realized throughout the academic year.

Cormano’s Chess School

Tecnolegno has always shown a strong interest for the territorial needs and recently it has strongly contributed to the setting up of the “Associazione Dilettantistica Scuola Scacchi di Cormano (Cormano’s Amateur Chess School Association). Thanks to Mr Giuseppe Lisimberti, who is the founder and the president of the association, the school, which was founded in 2009, has 89 associates, 14 instructors and 1000 chess students.

Since 2013 Tecnolegno has supported the School through a range of technical supplies, which aim at making the didactic activities and the special events of the recreational community autonomous.