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Values, tradition and more
During the years we have been committed to socio-cultural initiatives and we have put our know-how and our dedication at the service of socially useful projects and humanitarian activities.

School agreements

Tecnolegno supports the new generations, their talent and creativity; for this reason it has built a partnership with the Meroni Institute in Lissone and the De Nicola Institute in Sesto San Giovanni.

Mario Nava and Charity in Congo

The fortunate meeting between Mario Nava, the founder of Tecnolegno, and Father Emilio Ratti, a Franciscan missionary doctor, took place in Africa at the beginning of the 90s.

Grande Museo del Duomo

The visitors of the Grande Museo del Duomo can now admire the great statue of “Maria Maddalena trasportata dagli angeli”, a masterpiece of Angelo Marini called “il Siciliano” which now, thanks to a restoration started in June 2014, is acquiring its original magnificence.

2nove9 bikers care

Tecnolegno supports 2NOVE9BIKERS CARE, a non-profit association which provides free medical and legal assistance to road accident victims and their families.

Cormano’s Chess School

Tecnolegno has always shown a strong interest for the territorial needs and recently it has strongly contributed to the setting up of the “Associazione Dilettantistica Scuola Scacchi di Cormano (Cormano’s Amateur Chess School Association).