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Grande Museo del Duomo

The visitors of the Grande Museo del Duomo can now admire the great statue of “Maria Maddalena trasportata dagli angeli”, a masterpiece of Angelo Marini called “il Siciliano” which now, thanks to a restoration started in June 2014, is acquiring its original magnificence.

Tecnolegno has decided to take care of this masterpiece sponsoring its restoration and manufacturing a transparent box, built around the statue, in order to allow the visitors to witness in person the renewal intervention.

The masterpiece, which is of the XVI century, has an historical value among the sculptural production of that age.

It was originally place in the “Duomo”, but it was removed during the Second World War bombarding, and safely stored in the deposits of the “Veneranda Fabbrica”. Finally in 1953 it was moved to the “Grande Museo del Duomo”.

Marini’s statue shows clear signs of deterioration due to the centuries and environment factors.

Thanks to this restoration the statue will recover its original splendour while the visitors will be able to watch the different faces of this crucial intervention.