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The Art of Carpentry: A Call to Young People and Lawmakers

My story is not just mine, it is the story of a journey through passion, sacrifice and dream. A journey that begins with my family and is intertwined with the life of my master, Bello Giovanni Battista, known throughout Cilento simply as ‘Battista’. At 85 years old, Battista represents more than just a master carpenter; he is a symbol of dedication, a beacon for all of us who see craftsmanship not just as a job, but as a vocation. Proudly wearing my company’s cap, he honoured me not only as his apprentice but as a confirmation of the trust that had been handed down.

Thinking back on my journey, I reflect on how much the world of craftsmanship has changed. Once, in a small village in the Cilento region, my passion was nurtured far from modern frenzies. Today, however, I see how restrictive regulations and bureaucracy can stifle this creative enthusiasm. I fear that this could become an insurmountable obstacle for the new generations.

Speaking to young people today, I want to extol the spirit of limitless training. To you, aspiring craftsmen, students, and dreamers: there is a world of opportunities out there just waiting to be explored not only in the craft sector but in every professional field. The important thing is to have the chance to follow your passion, without anything or anyone imposing limits on your dreams.

A special appeal goes out to parents: believe in your children’s dreams, and accompany them on their journey of self-discovery. To teachers, to professors: you are the guide, the reference point for every young person in search of their own path. And to legislators: create the conditions for young people to receive these opportunities, without barriers, without obstacles. This is not only an investment in the future of craftsmanship or carpentry, but in the training of new talents in general, who will carry forward the traditions and skills that define our culture in every field.

Finally, to pupils and students, I want to remind you of the importance of respect for your teachers, professors, and lecturers. The figure of the Master or Teacher, like that of the father or mother, is sacred and deserving of great esteem. Teacher, after Father/Mother, is the noblest name you can give to another person. Pay them respect, not disappointment, because behaviour is the mirror on which each one shows who he or she really is.

This is not only the story of my education, but a call to action for everyone: young people, parents, educators, businesses, and legislators. Together we can transform the landscape of crafts, industry, and professions. Work is not just a means to earn a living, it is the dignity of the person, and it is what forges the heart and soul.

As I remember my master Baptist, I realised that the true power of work, in all its forms, is to change lives, to shape destinies. It is a power we can all exercise, a power that unites us in building a better future.

Giovanni Vita, CEO of Tecnolegno Allestimenti.